I usually LOVE frogs, but…

For those who are curious: it takes 1/20th of the time to rip apart 1/2 a knitted sock (because you accidentally dropped and unravelled all your gusset stitches; both sides; when your kid continuously said “hey mom! Watch this!”) as it did to create it.
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Sock it to me (knitting)

So, this is happening. It may be another failure.. Or it may not be.. Read the rest of this entry

On Self-Filtering

I’ve never officially been diagnosed with Adult ADD, however, all the signs point to it. I fail to complete most projects. I have trouble focusing on one task at a time (I don’t want to talk about my hours of homework as a kid..) and sometimes, I fail to turn the filter on between my brain and my mouth, which has cost me several relationships and has impacted my work performance a time or two. Read the rest of this entry

On yet another surgery

You know, while being laid up for the past week, I thought I’d take more time to myself to blog. Alas, I didn’t do nearly what I had expected, except to plant myself on our seeping couch. (more…)

On Spelleeng, Grammer and kredibility

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a stickler about spelling and grammar. At times, I’ll overlook it, chalking it up to Autocorrect on our phones. I know, as my Iphone does it all the time. However, when it’s blatant or persistent, it feels like nails on a chalkboard.  Read the rest of this entry

On revival

George and I were talking last night; talking about how I haven’t blogged in a while. I defended the reason, wondering how I could possibly put into a single blog what’s been going on behind our closed doors for the past year and a half.

It didn’t all have to be in one post.

I defended my silence again.

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I can’t wait for summer!; Crochet

10922859_10154996967070332_8922889606144797777_nOn July 4 of last year, I got a new nephew. He’s rambunctious, rowdy, loud.. and he’s three. I made this hat for him, using THIS PATTERN

Ma Famille; Painting

1912550_10154935252675332_3403710910694430023_n 10405417_10154934554815332_4267131982531810411_nMy mother sometimes asks me when various birthdays are. Apparently I have an above-average memory when it comes to dates. I created a calendar for her for Christmas so she could keep track of the birthdays of our family members. Yes, my family tends to only give birth during certain months. We’ve noticed this through multiple generations.

Minecraft Hat; Crochet

10885244_10154893770880332_4440947937435302769_nKathryn had been begging for a Minecraft hat for some time. I finally got around to it on Christmas Eve, and finished it in time for ‘Santa’s Arrival’. I used Black and Green Simply Soft yarn by Caron.

It was the first time I’d ever experimented with intarsia crochet. It’s not a style I’d choose to do often, but it was absolutely fun to learn!

The pattern was obtained HERE

Doom!; Crochet

984241_10154887343085332_4197747646932826346_nA friend of mine from work has a daughter who is a huge fan of “Invader Zim”. Knowing this cartoon personally, she entrusted me to make her daughter a Gir hat. On each of these, the main body of the hat is always the hard part, with repetitive motions for 20 rows and 65 stitches per row, on average. 10867053_10152652333628867_928674221_nOnce I get to the details, things get fast, and fun! Apparently, she loved it!

Alas, here’s the pattern I used.