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On Self-teasing

One more week. We’re hoping that’s what I have left, is one more week in this bandaging that makes me look as though I have elephantiasis of the big toe. Read the rest of this entry


Sometimes it is worth the few dollars

When we lived in Minnesota, Kathryn was lucky enough to receive several batches of hand-me-downs from her big cousin Sarah (she’s barely a big cousin, as they’re only a year apart in age). But, it seemed that as quick as she grew into some clothes, she grew right back out of them. Thus, buying clothes brand new all the time would have gotten pretty expensive. Read the rest of this entry

My Grocery Deal(s) of the Week

It dawns on me that I haven’t done this in a while, so last night, I sat and clipped four weeks’ worth of coupons and printed a few off of the internet. When all was said and done, it hit two of my local stores: Kroger and WalMart Neighborhood Market.

With my coupons, I purchased:

1 package of Reach Floss ($.95, I had a $.50 off coupon *clipped from 7/31S*. Kroger doubles coupons = Free floss)
9 boxes of Hamburger Helper ($1 each at Kroger on sale. I had 3 save $.75 on 3 coupons *clipped from 7/17S*, bringing each box down to $.75 each)
4 Totino’s frozen pizzas ($1.25 each, I had a coupon from for $1 off four pizzas = $1/pizza)
4 bottles of Sobe LifeWater (10/$10 sale. I had a Kroger coupon for $1.50 off 4 = $.62 each)
3 cans of Skintimate Shaving Cream ($2.13 each, I had 3 coupons for $.55 off *clipped from 7/24S*. Kroger doubles coupons = $1.10 off each can = $1.03/can)
3 4-packs of Hunts Snack Pack Pudding Snacks ($1 each, I had a coupon for $.45 off 3 *clipped from 8/7S*. Kroger doubles coupons under $.65 = $.90 off 3 = $.70 each)
3 tubes of Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste ($.88 each, I had 3 coupons for $.50 off any Colgate toothpaste *clipped from 7/24S*. Kroger doubles my coupons, so it became $1 off each = FREE!)
3 packages of Kotex U Liners (18 count) ($1.24 each at WalMart. I had 3 coupons for $1 off each *clipped from 7/24S*. WalMart only gives face value for coupons, thus, each package was $.24)

Total between two receipts = $21.58 (57% savings)

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*The S means Smart Source coupon booklet I get from the Sunday paper

Children aren't little adults

A few weeks ago, my child and I were shopping at a major department store searching for a birthday present for a friend of hers.  While standing in the toy aisle, we saw a plastic inflatable ball fly over from another aisle. The obstacle then hit my child in the head. Merely startled, my child said “ow”.”Where did that come from?” I asked her. She didn’t know, but looked around somewhat bewildered.

We continued looking up and down the aisles for the perfect gift for the seven-year-old to be when another ball flew over and landed behind me. The voices from the next aisle giggled and suggested trying again.

“Pow – Pow – Pow” I heard the ball volleying and escape the grasp of the giggling girls. I went around the corner and looked down their aisle. They had retrieved a fourth ball from the cage and continued to play toy-aisle volleyball with each other, stretching to reach each exchange.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, “would you mind apologizing to my daughter for hitting her in the head with one of your stray balls?” They both apologized and scurried off, wary of each time they saw me. They were probably eleven or twelve at the most. Not much older than my own nieces and nephews (children of my cousins, for clarification). I had seen them dropped off maybe a half-hour prior by a mother-figure and then saw said mom-figure drive off, leaving the two girls unattended in the department store.

Just last week, a mother in New York sent her son to Day Camp. She had gone over the route with him many times and opted to have him walk half the 14-block route home, planning to meet him at that halfway point. The young lad was eight. Despite having gone over the route many times, he still got lost. Sadly, the young boy chose the wrong person to ask directions from. He was found a few days ago dismembered in a man’s apartment. Some of the boy was on the counter. Some of him was in the fridge. Some was in a trash can a few blocks away. All because the poor kid wanted some independence.

When I was twelve, I roamed the neighborhood with several other friends. We got into our share of trouble. We played hide and seek in the grocery store and managed to get ourselves kicked out one summer afternoon. We played chase in the pharmacy next door. We were boy-crazy and followed one particular one all the way to his house once hoping that we’d catch his eye. Sometimes, I’d wander alone into the abandoned golf course behind my house where, at night, we’d hear coyotes chasing their prey. However, this was the 80’s, where seat belts were optional, smoking was cool, and babies would bounce around in the back end of station wagons unrestrained. The memories were good, but the dangers were unrecognized.

Twenty-five years later we should know better. Yet, parents don’t watch their kids as they should, either assuming their progeny will behave if unsupervised or not caring. Kids still run rampant through stores, pushing down other patrons and the parents never see this. Meanwhile, sexual predators and murderers are given easy access to these innocent children almost as much as they were when I was a child.

It’s not that murderers and sexual predators appear more frequently. We are just more aware. I became fully aware that such a danger was out there when I was five. I lived in Atlanta at the time. Adam Walsh and I were born within days of each other.

It’s nothing news, these dangers that lurk out there. It’s just that we should be more aware that an unrestrained child can continue to fly through a windshield (or at 25MPH into a dashboard as yours truly did when she was 8). Children don’t always behave as they do at home when left alone in a department store and most of all, even today, people can snatch your child, change their name and use them for sexual purposes or worse yet, dismember them and dump them like trash.

Who cares if people think you’re hovering. You’re keeping them safe. You’re making sure they are out of harm’s way and making sure that they aren’t harming anyone else. Don’t give them the independence they crave prematurely. It may be the last time they’ll ever see it.

Deal of the Day!!

Many thanks to a friend of mine for showing me this site! I’m an Iphone user, and an Iphone accessory abuser. I couldn’t pass this one up, and couldn’t resist sharing it. However, it’s only good until Midnight Sunday (EDT), so really, if you see this blog Sunday afternoon, it’s moot.

My Grocery Deal of the Week!

Today, I had more than one grocery win. Though none of my purchases today were free, the deals I got were certainly worth it.

My first deal is on Suave deodorant. Kroger has it currently for $1.06. I had a coupon stashed away for $.50 off.  My local Kroger doubles manufacturer’s coupons automatically, which would make the coupon now worth $1. Thus, my deodorant cost a grand total of $.06. In my opinion, 94% savings is close enough to free!

My second deal was on Heinz Ketchup. If your child is anything like mine, you could potentially buy stock in the stuff! Thus, I try to keep plenty on hand in the event of a ketchup emergency. I had a coupon, again, for $.50 off. Since this was a manufacturer’s coupon, Kroger doubled it. This then turned my 40oz of ketchup into a $.99 purchase, which was a 54% savings over the original price of $2.18 for that size bottle!

Finally, one of my favorite deals was at the pump after I had completed my shopping. In my part of town, gasoline is currently running at approximately $3.43/gallon.  I drove about 10 miles south of my house (for the locals, that’s the Shackleford Kroger), where I saw on that the price was $3.30/gallon. For every $100 I spend at Kroger, I get $.10 off a tank of gas from their pump. Thus, $3.30 – $.10 = $3.20/gallon for gasoline! WIN!

Deals and coupon policies may vary from Kroger location to Kroger location. My actual shopping was done at the North Little Rock JFK location. My gas purchase, as I mentioned, was made in Little Rock on Shackleford (next to Famous Dave’s).

My Grocery Deal of the Week!

Kroger has Ronzoni at 10/10 ($1 each)

Free Ronzoni pasta, at Kroger (AR.. and possibly other locations) at a price of 10/10 (or just $1 each). Use the coupon shown below (available in the May 15 Smart Source flyer) OR you can print it off by following this link.

The link says “Publix” but the same $1 off is available at Kroger… so.. it would work there, too! $1 – $1 = FREE!!! How can you argue with free food??

(note, deal was found at Kroger, JFK Blvd in North Little Rock, AR. Identical deals are not guaranteed at other Kroger locations throughout the country)