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On Scout Research

Kidlet is conducting a survey for one of her patches. Could you be kind folk and complete her survey below? She’d appreciate it! Read the rest of this entry


Ten Things to never say to a parent of an only child

My daughter is an only child; by conscious choice. Though I’m generally open on my blog as to why my husband and I only have one child, I don’t discuss it in public simply due to the long explanation involved. I choose to keep it brief “It’s for medical reasons”. However, for years after we had Kathryn, we were asked, even by close friends and relatives, many questions. Some of them were ignorant. Some of them were hurtful, especially since George and I are both only children ourselves.  Read the rest of this entry

Raising the compassionate child

Kathryn was three when her Aunt Tammie died in July, 2007. Tammie left a husband and two children, ages five and nine, that Monday morning. Kaci has no memory of her and vaguely remembers going to Texas for her funeral. Read the rest of this entry

From School to work to bed

.. That’s my morning routine now.

Kathryn started third grade a couple weeks ago. That same morning, George started his new job.  Both seem to enjoy the change. George much would have rather continued his lucrative career as a stay-at-home dad, as would I, but our mortgage disagreed.

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Challenge accepted

Since she was 4, Kathryn has wanted an Iphone. All the whistles and bells and games on it are what motivated her. “You can have an Iphone when you can afford the $40 a month for it”, we told her. Read the rest of this entry

Indy Kitty

Kathryn and Sybil are best friends. A year ago, when we got the kitten, Kathryn figured out right away what one of her favorite activities is. Sybil willingly crawls in and waits for Kathryn to push her around the house like a baby. When Kathryn wanders off to do something else, Sybil will sit there for a few minutes before giving up and crawling out. Pardon the unswept floor. Nobody ever said my house was immaculate. :

Play Ball! (Wordless Wednesday)


We took Kathryn to her first Travs game last week. Ah, if only Arkansas had major league baseball and pro football teams. Then we might have an opportunity to see our favorite pro sports! Go Twins! SKOL Vikes!

…And then there were 10 (revisited)

It was about this time five years ago that my phone rang from my Aunt’s house. Then, it rang again. And again. I knew it could only mean one thing. I excused myself from my desk where I was working at the time. I still remember the next five minutes of my life just as clear now as I did that Monday morning.

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Boom, Kitty!

Recently, my husband, 8-year-old daughter and myself went to run some errands, which included having to cash a check of his.

Now, I must preface this by saying that my husband nor I have been in a car accident, nor have we been stopped by an officer in over 7 years (knock on wood). We do not go to bars but when we do buy alcohol, we look old enough now (*pout*) that we are not carded. He had the same job since 2008 and thus, didn’t need to have it photocopied for tax purposes. Read the rest of this entry

Ten years and counting

The happy, sore, tired and sunburnt couple Saturday night

My husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary over the weekend. We were married at Fort Snelling Chapel in Minneapolis, MN on May 11, 2002. It was chilly and rainy that day as I recall.

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