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Raising the compassionate child

Kathryn was three when her Aunt Tammie died in July, 2007. Tammie left a husband and two children, ages five and nine, that Monday morning. Kaci has no memory of her and vaguely remembers going to Texas for her funeral. Read the rest of this entry


Good Morning FaceBook: Happy Friday: Your Uncle is dead

Death is an unfortunate part of life. Inherently, we all know that at some point in time, our parents will die, our friends will die and ultimately, unless we are a British Time Traveler in a blue police box or an ancient Scottish Swordsman, we too will die. I am at the age now where the generation before me is starting to pass on at a more rapid rate. However, when it comes to someone’s death, what is the best way to handle it when it comes to social media?

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…And then there were 10 (revisited)

It was about this time five years ago that my phone rang from my Aunt’s house. Then, it rang again. And again. I knew it could only mean one thing. I excused myself from my desk where I was working at the time. I still remember the next five minutes of my life just as clear now as I did that Monday morning.

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"There’s no crying in baseball"

Dear Kathryn,

The phone call came at 9:08 am from your Uncle Brent. Before I picked up the phone, I knew what the call was about, but was still in denial. I knew who was on the other end of the line, despite the caller ID not popping up. But again, I didn’t want to believe it. I knew the words I was about to hear would change my life forever, but I answered the phone anyway, hoping that maybe.. just maybe.. it would have been better news.

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