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On Scout Research

Kidlet is conducting a survey for one of her patches. Could you be kind folk and complete her survey below? She’d appreciate it! Read the rest of this entry


Married in Sequined Slippers (Part II)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother turned 28 on October 25, 1974. On that same day, she received a phone call advising her that her one-week-old infant was given two weeks to live. As a mother now, myself, I can only imagine how much her world sank around her. I had been diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica at birth. The doctor that delivered me had seen one other case before in a set of twins. They died just after birth. Read the rest of this entry

Challenge accepted

Since she was 4, Kathryn has wanted an Iphone. All the whistles and bells and games on it are what motivated her. “You can have an Iphone when you can afford the $40 a month for it”, we told her. Read the rest of this entry

Still breathing, at least

✓ Ground child for not doing school work

✓ Re-ground child for still not doing school work

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Stress out, freak out, panic, :facepalm:

I don’t often go into a panic.

OK, so maybe I do.

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How to go from just being in a little trouble to being grounded for a week in a matter of three hours

Step 1: Fail to bring home from school your spring photos, instructions on how to complete a major project, homework, and field trip permission slip for one week, despite being reminded more than 3 times.

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On my honor, I will try, to stay sane..

A recent spare bedroom takeover

Since January 9, I have been ankle, then waist and finally, neck deep in Girl Scout cookie season. Read the rest of this entry

Wordless Wednesday – Operation Cookie Drop

Really, are any words needed?!




Shhh.. do you hear that?

It’s the quiet that has now fallen across my home after a busy weekend! Read the rest of this entry

If you can read this blog, clap once.

I generally don’t want to sound like the whiney “that mom” when it comes to Kathryn’s school, but this afternoon, I saw one of her teachers do something that annoyed me to the core..

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