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Ten Things to never say to a parent of an only child

My daughter is an only child; by conscious choice. Though I’m generally open on my blog as to why my husband and I only have one child, I don’t discuss it in public simply due to the long explanation involved. I choose to keep it brief “It’s for medical reasons”. However, for years after we had Kathryn, we were asked, even by close friends and relatives, many questions. Some of them were ignorant. Some of them were hurtful, especially since George and I are both only children ourselves.  Read the rest of this entry


Raising the compassionate child

Kathryn was three when her Aunt Tammie died in July, 2007. Tammie left a husband and two children, ages five and nine, that Monday morning. Kaci has no memory of her and vaguely remembers going to Texas for her funeral. Read the rest of this entry

On where I’ve been

Several people have asked me over the past several months to bring my blog back; that I wrote well and expressed things from the heart; that my topics were never dull and were entertaining.

The truth is, I wore out. I ran out of things I wanted to talk about. I tried so hard to focus on regular features rather than expressing my inner thoughts that I burned myself out. Read the rest of this entry

Married in Sequined Slippers (Part IV)

Into Adulthood

Circa 1995

By the beginning of college, I was no longer using the wheelchair, at all. I walked to all of my classes …in shoes and sometimes in boots. I had also conquered the Mall of America on foot. When this new-found freedom came boys, parties and the college and life experience that I personally felt I had been hindered from for so many years. I rarely told people about my condition, and felt that it was only a need-to-know basis. At the same time, however, I’d wear shorts or tank-tops that obviously revealed my scarred legs. This became an issue at one point a few years later…. One that I never thought of.
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Married in Sequined Slippers (Part III)

Article in Rockdale Citizen, 1979 (Click to enlarge and read)


By the time I was fourteen, I was able to walk long distances, but could not do so in shoes. I was in an adapted physical education class because I was not able to the things everyone else could. Pull-ups would shred my hands, as would push ups. If I had been hit by a ball, my skin would have come off upon impact. Asking me to run sprints was like asking a turtle to play fetch. It was impossible. I had days where I would come to school in slippers because my feet were so swollen and sore. Other days, I would walk a mile.
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Married in Sequined Slippers (Part II)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother turned 28 on October 25, 1974. On that same day, she received a phone call advising her that her one-week-old infant was given two weeks to live. As a mother now, myself, I can only imagine how much her world sank around her. I had been diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica at birth. The doctor that delivered me had seen one other case before in a set of twins. They died just after birth. Read the rest of this entry

Married in Sequined Slippers (Part I)

What is Epidermolysis Bullosa?

Some would describe Epidermolysis Bullosa as horrific. Some use words like “Painful”, “devastating”, “horrible”, “dreadful” or “insurmountable”. It’s also been described as “The worst disease you’ve never heard of”.
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Tales from the coffeehouse

Back when I worked for another company, when my daughter was barely reading, and my husband worked second shift, he and I had a weekly tradition of going to the local popular coffeehouse.

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Good Morning FaceBook: Happy Friday: Your Uncle is dead

Death is an unfortunate part of life. Inherently, we all know that at some point in time, our parents will die, our friends will die and ultimately, unless we are a British Time Traveler in a blue police box or an ancient Scottish Swordsman, we too will die. I am at the age now where the generation before me is starting to pass on at a more rapid rate. However, when it comes to someone’s death, what is the best way to handle it when it comes to social media?

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From School to work to bed

.. That’s my morning routine now.

Kathryn started third grade a couple weeks ago. That same morning, George started his new job.  Both seem to enjoy the change. George much would have rather continued his lucrative career as a stay-at-home dad, as would I, but our mortgage disagreed.

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