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This Weeks’ FaceBoozled List

About a year ago, I published a blog regarding Urban legends and hoaxes that were circulating on FaceBook at that time, and titled it FaceBoozled. Today, I still see my closest friends share the insane, impossible and downright ludicrous amongst their 600 closest acquaintances insisting that what they are sharing is fact (because, after all, if it was on FaceBook and was shared by thousands, it must be true, right?)

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Faceboozled (again)

It’s hard to page through one’s FaceBook feed without seeing a seemingly endless stream of warnings, well wishes and tips that have been passed on from other FaceBook users. Caring for the well-being of others, sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of passing these on ourselves. ¬†We are first an impulse society, especially when it comes to tragic situations. In fact, it’s this emotion that those who create hoaxes that plague social media feed on. It’s the logical side of us that hoax-creators hope you do not use.

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