On yet another surgery

You know, while being laid up for the past week, I thought I’d take more time to myself to blog. Alas, I didn’t do nearly what I had expected, except to plant myself on our seeping couch.

On Monday, I had ‘yet another foot surgery’. This time, it was the right foot. They removed a 20-year-old suture anchor from my big toe and smoothed down a bone spur from the top of my foot. They also moved a nerve around, that had been pressed by the suture and spur.

I fully anticipated to be in a cast for 2 weeks and out of work for the duration. But, instead, I was put in gauze and an ace bandage with no boot and was off my heavy pain meds by Tuesday night. I was bearing weight on it by Wednesday morning and taking small steps by Thursday. By Friday, I was walking like a champ (though, it was more ‘clomping’ as I’m still wearing a large post-surgical shoe for now). I plan to return to work on Monday.

And so, as I’ve not been working, I had hoped to blog and crochet. Instead, I’ve advanced in my Skyrim game; made a failed crochet piece to fit over my leg as protection against my knee walker (the yarn made me itch) and made 4 pillows for said knee walker to further protect myself from abrasion.

I grew bored of another crochet project and started to knit a sock for my foot to protect against the cold; something I should have started a week ago, but never could find the ‘right’ pattern. I made one up for myself.

I’ve filled out 8 job applications, made resume corrections, and have been an adequate warmer for 3 cats. I’ve let the dog out countless times and have thrown her the ball at least as many. I’ve gone on 3 outings: A stop at work, to the mall and then today to the grocery store. I’ve avoided cold calls to be hired in insurance sales and have taken a couple of calls from my employer regarding my absence and anticipated return.

I’ve endured about 4 bouts of eczema, learned how to shower one-legged like a pro and have talked to 2 friends in Minnesota via phone within an hour the other night. I’ve sold several boxes of Girl Scout cookies for my daughter and have received two visitors (mmm… food!)

But in all of that, I never really truly got around to what I wanted to. I was unmotivated to. And now, that I have less than 36-hours left of my medical leave, I figured I should tell you that I’ve been on it. Better late than never, I suppose.



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