My Grocery Deals of the Week

I probably went a little overboard with the deals today, but I also wanted to give you a little variety to choose from as well! Tonight, I went to three stores to find the best bang for my buck, and started at. I had a budget tonight of about $15. I managed to be under budget tonight and was able to buy several items that we use in our home frequently. I’ll tell you how..


I started by going to’s website and downloaded a few of their store coupons to print. Store coupons often offer deals that cannot be found in the Sunday or Wednesday fliers or even other coupon websites.

With one coupon, I managed to snag some FREE pens.

I also had a $3 off coupon for Bic razors that I clipped from the August 5 SmartSource Sunday insert and managed to get these for FREE.

I then used the $1 off coupon I grabbed from the June 24 RedPlum mailer, which made my bottle of smelly sauce only cost $.12.

I also found that Yoplait Yogurt was fairly inexpensive after coupon, as well. In fact, it was the least expensive price I found in the area. The coupon was from the General Mills insert in the August 5 newspaper.

$10 for $5 = $.50 each. $.50 x 8 (per coupon) = $4 of yogurt required for coupon. $4-$.50 = $3.50/8 cups = $.44 per cup.

I didn’t buy the yogurt out of concern of them ruining in my car.

I took my purchases to checkout, where my starting total was $5.47. I only had pocket change in my purse, so it was a good thing that my end total was $.39 after tax, a 93% savings.


If you follow me on my FaceBook page, you probably saw the other day that I receive coupons in the mail from them, exclusively tailored towards my purchase history. I received these by having a Kroger card and registering on their website. There, I am able to load my card with coupons (which actually often duplicate what you find on SmartSource and RedPlum, but be aware of the fact that they do not double those coupons at all, and sometimes the card coupons trump what you may have in your hand).

Thus, I opted to experiment with my coupons that I receive every 3 months in the mail from Kroger. Not every customer receives the coupons specific below. These are just examples of what you can do with the Kroger coupons.

I decided to mix my $2 off 3 Suave coupon with a recent $.75 off 2 coupon that I clipped from the July 29 RedPlum mailer. In order to make this work, I had to choose a third item. Below, were several more bottles of Suave at $.99 each.

$1.57 + $1.57 + $.99 = $4.13 – $2 – $.75 = $1.38 for all three (or $.46 each), or 66% savings over sale price.

More of the mixing of coupons, I chose to buy George some deodorant. He’s very specific about what goes under there and generally is limited to two brands. I used the $1.50 off 2 Kroger coupon as well as the $1 off 1 coupon from the July 29 RedPlum. $3.49 x 2 = $7 – $1.50 – $1 = $4.50 total/2 = $2.25 per stick, which is a 36% savings (a rarity when it comes to this brand!)

I had a FREE Colgate toothpaste coupon in my recent mailer, so of course, I chose the most expensive one! If you saw my Deal of the Week blog 2 weeks ago, you probably realize we have plenty of clean teeth in my house!

Are you done with your school shopping? There was a $1 off 2 coupon for Bic Pens in the July 29 SmartSource insert.

$.89 x 2 = $1.78 – $1 = $.78 for both (or $.39 each) a 57% savings over the sale price.. even more over the original price!

Before coupons and my card, my total was $21.45. After my card and coupons, my total was $7.67, a 64% savings overall.

Next, I went to WalMart, again armed with just a couple dollars:

I had a $1 off any Reach toothbrush. Well, WalMart happened to have a special for $1.97 for a two-pack of toothbrushes.

$1.97 – $1 = $.97 = $.48 per toothbrush, a 50% savings!

Every few months, SmartSource puts out a U by Kotex coupon worth $1, and so I clipped the coupon again from the July 8 insert.

$1.24 – $1 = $.24 (81% savings!)

Alas, that wasn’t the only such deal I found, however. In the same Sunday insert I mentioned directly above, there was also a $1.50 off 2 Kotex Natural Balance products. Liners are $.94 right now, and so I grabbed 2 of these.

$.94 x 2 = $1.88 – $1.50 = $.38 or $.19 each or 80% off sale price (Gosh, almost free when you consider what the normal price is!)

My WalMart total would have been $5.09 but instead was exactly $2 after tax and coupons.

Thus, $2 (WalMart) + $7.67 (Kroger) + $.39 (Target) = $10.06 for what would have normally been $32.01 (60% savings). Not bad for 2 hours of work!


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  1. You are pretty great with coupons! I am big on buying with them too, but I’m not at this level yet!

  2. You are awesome at this. I need lessons!

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