In Viking territory

We have been planning this trip for a year and finally we arrived on Wednesday afternoon.


Now entering Minnesota

I opted to keep my first few hours in Minnesota private, spending desperate time with a few of the people who have meant the most to me over the past 20 years of my life. The drift apart was torturous. The reconnection was perfect. It was exactly the therapy I needed. One at a time, I met up with them; privately, quietly and apprehensively. The reward in finding us picking right back up was enormous.


The Mall of America Rotunda; Bloomington, MN

Yesterday, George and I spent time at the Mall of America and met another friend for lunch.

Afterwards, while driving around town, I happened to glance over and see an old college friend I hadn’t seen, heard of or from in nearly 16 years. We stood in the PetSmart parking lot for nearly an hour catching up, and filling in a few blanks I had regarding a mutual friend of ours who passed on nearly 9 years ago.

I went to one of my favorite diners, where I met new friends and saw some old ones. There, I learned just how small my world truly is.

Thus far, I’m getting everything I emotionally needed out of our trip, and then some.

Kathryn, who we left behind in Arkansas, was nice enough to remind us today, though, that in 3 1/2 days, we will be home again…

In a few minutes, I will be heading to Minneapolis to visit with one of the children receiving the bone marrow treatment for EB. This is preceding my 5K walk tomorrow morning to help raise money for him and others receiving the same treatment, which could potentially improve their quality of life.




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