I am not quitting my job


I came to work tonight wondering if this was it. Was I finally going to be able to be a stay at home mom? Would I possibly be able to finally take the honeymoon I never went on?

I walked into the office armed with an array of numbers on a piece of paper. My chances were greater that I’d be struck by lightning right then and there, but I still had hope… Along with millions of other people sprawled across the country.

I had delusions of paying off all of our debts, beginning with my mortgage. I mentally had traded in my clunky gold Caravan for something more practical.

I had us moved back to Minnesota and had thought of an investment account for our daughter while living simply and peacefully near a lake… With loons. I had to have loons.

Minimally, I paid for our upcoming vacation and repaired the funny noise the van is making.

I compared the numbers that came up on my phone with my two sheets of paper I had stowed in my back pocket. Low and behold, I had all five numbers!!!…. just on separate lines.. and in a couple of instances, separate tickets.

And so, I shall continue to work. I will still drive the gold van with the funny noise, and, I am still in my suburban North Little Rock cookie-cutter house.

I am just $10 poorer.


Posted on March 31, 2012, in Current Events, Miscellaneous. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Don’t feel bad.. you weren’t the only one…

  2. Ha ha! I was right there with you! Right up there with a bigger house and philanthropy was hiring a full time assistant/friend for my mom so she would quit bugging me!

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