Shhh.. do you hear that?

It’s the quiet that has now fallen across my home after a busy weekend!

Each year in February, the scouts have an event called “Thinking Day” during which the girls study a particular country (and the scouts therein) and then set up a booth about that particular country.  My troop chose to learn and teach about Spain. We had decorations. We had balloons. We had streamers. We had crafts and we also had food. Admittedly, at the end of the event, I had a headache.

But I couldn’t stop there.  Oh no..

Present time!

For Sunday was baby girl’s 8th birthday.  I decided to limit the invite list to a few people from class, her girl scout troop and a few neighbors. And so, day two of “bonding time” with the girls came around.  Eighteen children under the age of 10 flooded my 3-bedroom, 1400 square foot home. Eighteen..  And we had games that required them to get up and move around.  And thus, we had a constantly moving sea of shoulder-heighted, screaming pandemonium for three hours.

Ah, but that wasn’t the end of it.

Mini-Mi’s school was out today for teacher inservice and so, she had a slumber party with two of her best friends from school/scouts. The giggling continued until 10 pm. That’s when the whining and “I can’t sleep because so and so is doing such and such” began.  I separated the girls from sleeping back to back and within five minutes of that, they were out. Cold.

Oh, but the mayhem didn’t stop there.  Our doorbell rang at 6 this morning when one of the dads came to get his gigglebox early because of the snow.  This woke the other two.  Within an hour, the squealing started.  Snow was falling.

Within a few minutes after that, Dad #2 picked up his wee one.

That brings us to now.  I just hear my daughter eating her pancakes, a whisper of Scooby on the TV and my husband sorting through the 3-foot-tall pile of gifts my newly 8-year-old daughter received.

Ahh, quiet. I plan to enjoy this week and a half I have of silence before the chaos of cookies arrive at my home.


About gespurr

Emily was born in Southwestern Louisiana and has moved over 20 times in her life through nine different states. Most of her life was spent in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where she met her husband and had her only child. Both she and her husband are also only children. She graduated from Stillwater (MN) High School in 1992 and from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 with a BS in Journalism. Three years later, she met her husband, George, and they married in 2002. Their daughter, Kathryn, was born early in 2004. She relocated with her family back to Arkansas in 2005 after being away for 30 years. She currently works as a customer service representative for an insurance company and lives in North Little Rock. When not taking care of her daughter she is either cooking, working, cleaning house, sewing, gardening, knitting, crocheting hiking, traveling or spending time with her husband.

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  1. Enjoy your peace and quiet. It’s well deserved! It was a great party! Claire had an awesome time.

  2. The silence after kid craziness is always blissful.

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