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Tonight, I finally had a few minutes to sit down and read a blog that I personally have been wanting to write for some time. However, because of it being such a taboo issue, I’ve struggled between finding the words I want to say and opting to not post it at all.

Instead of just writing what’s already been eloquently said, I’ll just post a link to Single Dad Laughing’s blog post that recently went viral on FaceBook.

I only wish I could have found the words he did to say exactly what he did. Some of my best friends from college are (and were.. as one has passed on) gay or bisexual. The brother of another of my best college girlfriends is gay. I have relatives who are gay and bisexual. I have gay neighbors. One lives behind me and two live two blocks away.

Dan, the author of the above blog, posted a YouTube video today with a collection of some of the responses he received. Some responses are shocking. Some may make you cry.



I come from family where my paternal side is Southern Baptist and my maternal side is Roman Catholic. I attended parochial school for my first six years. For my own very personal reasons, I practice neither now. I will admit, I actually do not attend church. My daughter isn’t baptized and my husband is atheist.

I don’t have any tattoos. Nor does my husband. I have four piercings throughout my entire body; two on each ear. My husband has none. Kathryn refuses to have her ears pierced.  We celebrate Christmas and Easter in my home and I tell my daughter that her Uncle Jerome is in heaven looking down upon her.

I try to teach my child that there is no right or wrong way to view God, Buddah, Mohammed or whomever you consider to be your deity. I teach my child that all people, regardless of race, beliefs, sex, or sexual orientation are all entitled to the same rights. Our children are sponges. Even when we, as parents try to be subtle and not teach our children to be like us, they detect our hypocrisy. When we ourselves hate or discriminate, our children learn the same behavior. Today on the news I saw two women in Georgia fighting in a nail salon over pricing. Really? Was it worth the fight? Is this how we want our own children to behave? Acting this way and following it up with “Don’t do what mommy just did, junior,” doesn’t work, friends.

We can’t start with our children in correcting this social dilemma. We must start with ourselves. When we teach our children to hate, they show that by bullying others. When our children learn to bully because one child is different because of gender, sex, beliefs or sexual orientation, this is what happens.


Let’s start thinking before we act…. or even speak.


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Emily was born in Southwestern Louisiana and has moved over 20 times in her life through nine different states. Most of her life was spent in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where she met her husband and had her only child. Both she and her husband are also only children. She graduated from Stillwater (MN) High School in 1992 and from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 with a BS in Journalism. Three years later, she met her husband, George, and they married in 2002. Their daughter, Kathryn, was born early in 2004. She relocated with her family back to Arkansas in 2005 after being away for 30 years. She currently works as a customer service representative for an insurance company and lives in North Little Rock. When not taking care of her daughter she is either cooking, working, cleaning house, sewing, gardening, knitting, crocheting hiking, traveling or spending time with her husband.

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