Ooooo that smell!

Three years and one vehicle ago, in the midst of summer, I made the mistake of allowing my then-four-year-old have chocolate milk in the car. One careless move later, and the milk was airborne, ultimately landing between, under, around and in the creases of my bucket seats in the back of my van.

Unfortunately, one carpet cleaner, a bottle of resolve, two air fresheners, a cup of Febreeze and powdered carpet freshener did not eliminate the unmistakable odor of sour milk.

Two years ago, I gladly sold the van and it’s musty-chocolate-milk-gone-bad fragrance and purchased a newer model of the same vehicle. Chocolate (or any flavor, for that matter) milk was not allowed in my new car until further notice.

Fast forward to this past Saturday night. On little sleep, I rushed to work armed with enough coffee grounds to make 16 cups of joe and 1/2 cup of English toffee/butter pecan creamer. Yum! Circumstances prevented me from making a 2 am pot of coffee, so back home I went at the end of my shift on Sunday morning with all 16 spoons full of grounds and creamer.

I curled into bed and fell into a deep slumber for the next 8 hours. When I woke at about 1 in the afternoon I went about my daily routine. I ran a couple of errands, including picking up some cardboard for an upcoming project. I was home again within an hour.

Around 6 pm, my husband decided he needed my van to run his own errands. (In reality, I was babysitting for a friend in my own home, and he was using errands as an excuse to escape the three-children-under-eight noise level in the house) When he came back home at 8:30, he mentioned a foul odor in my car.

When I left for work an hour later, the odor was unmistakeable. The memory of my chocolate-milk-infested van from 3 years ago came back. It was then that I remembered that I had left the cooler in my car that morning.. coffee grounds, ice pack… and the creamer. We confirmed that the creamer was the culprit.

Needless to say, we removed the offender from my van immediately, however, despite the febreeze, the cardboard boxes that once held packs of bleach, fabric softener and laundry detergent, the new freshener I just put up and leaving my windows open for the past four days… I still smell the creamer.

I may be tempted to purchase several pine-tree air fresheners and hang them around my car by the end of the week.



About gespurr

Emily was born in Southwestern Louisiana and has moved over 20 times in her life through nine different states. Most of her life was spent in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where she met her husband and had her only child. Both she and her husband are also only children. She graduated from Stillwater (MN) High School in 1992 and from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 with a BS in Journalism. Three years later, she met her husband, George, and they married in 2002. Their daughter, Kathryn, was born early in 2004. She relocated with her family back to Arkansas in 2005 after being away for 30 years. She currently works as a customer service representative for an insurance company and lives in North Little Rock. When not taking care of her daughter she is either cooking, working, cleaning house, sewing, gardening, knitting, crocheting hiking, traveling or spending time with her husband.

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  1. Time for a new van again! LOL!

  2. I recommend opening the windows for a good airing out (provided it isn’t raining at the time!)

  3. I have put a pan of mr clean or pine sol in my car at night to help elimate odors and that seemed to help get out smells and refresh the car.

  4. Nice! I might have to try that! Luckily, it seems to be mostly gone… Or maybe I’ve grown accustomed..

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