You know you're overwhelmed if…

I have a Facebook page, along with 15 umpteen million other people.

Over the past week, I’ve seen several of my friends post on groups entitled “You know you grew up in (such and such town) if…” or “You know you attended School XYZ if..”.  They’re cute and kind of fun. I was invited to two of them.

I noticed a distinct lack of one for the town I grew up in near St. Paul, Minnesota. So, I created a group called “You know you grew up in (insert my hometown here) if…”.  In 36 hours, I’ve accumulated 700 members and almost as many posts! This is crazy! Fun, but crazy!

Classmates are confessing pranks from twenty-plus years ago, resulting in many of those 700 people saying “That was YOU?”. Old friends are being reunited and many, many, memories are being drudged up again.

The only problem is, that at a rate of one join every five minutes, I’m getting slightly overwhelmed already! Who knew so many people wanted to talk about one small town in Eastern Minnesota!


About gespurr

Emily was born in Southwestern Louisiana and has moved over 20 times in her life through nine different states. Most of her life was spent in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where she met her husband and had her only child. Both she and her husband are also only children. She graduated from Stillwater (MN) High School in 1992 and from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 with a BS in Journalism. Three years later, she met her husband, George, and they married in 2002. Their daughter, Kathryn, was born early in 2004. She relocated with her family back to Arkansas in 2005 after being away for 30 years. She currently works as a customer service representative for an insurance company and lives in North Little Rock. When not taking care of her daughter she is either cooking, working, cleaning house, sewing, gardening, knitting, crocheting hiking, traveling or spending time with her husband.

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